Saturday, October 19, 2013

Feeling Lippy


French Connection




Lulu Guinness
Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness

Kelly Wearstler

Ordering this Forever 21 sweater now!

I also picked up a new Macbook Pro case by Marc Jacobs!

Also downloaded this background from The Kinch Life!

I'm just a little obsessed, right?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Lack there of

So it's 12:07AM on Friday night (Saturday morning) and I'm wide awake feeling guilty about not blogging. Who am I? That's not what I made my blog for. This blog is my outlet for creativity. A diary to pour my feelings onto. A hobby when I have too much free time- but that's just it... I feel like I never have free time. I started working full time last month and it's like I can't catch a break! Even on weekends it's still work time not play time. I love my jobs! (Yes plural) I love all the sweet people at my jobs, but something is missing.
 I'm feeling myself get more greedy the more money I make and I don't like it. Last month I spent more in one month than I've ever spent in 3! I have a True Life: I'm Addicted to Shopping problem but in real life, not some crazy reality show. I want fresh air, time to take advantage of my unlimited barre classes, more time at church and less time shopping. I need to set my priorities straight before I go crazy.
I haven't worked out (other than yesterday) in over a week. In my defense I've been dog/house sitting, working, but honestly I'm just flat out tired and lazy. I used to have such a passion for fitness, blogging, and make up and it's like that fire is slowly dwindling.... and it's because I'm so tired. I am too tired to work out every single day after work. I'm too tired to think of cute quirky things to post and plan cute outfits to force my boyfriend to take pictures of me in.
7:30AM will come too early. Should probably catch some zzz's.
Sorry today is a negative post! These days happen. I'm only human.

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