Monday, July 22, 2013

Why I break up with my blogs... and why I won't ever again!

I've tried TravelPod (while living in France). I've tried tumblr (at a "hipster-I-love-tattoos" stage). I've tried WordPress (trying failing to start a fashion blog). So why am I on a roller coaster with this "blog lifestyle" that I love so much? I post religiously on Twitter and Instagram creating a micro-blog that seems impersonal. My twenty-something friends don't understand blogging or #hashtags... or even my "pen pals" I communicate with online but have never met face to face. It's fun to meet people in the online community with the same interests! Others with similar hobbies and interests not only inspire you but motivate to pursue your dreams, goals, whatever.

 I break up with my blogs because:

  • I feel silly- "No one reads this.. who am I even talking to? Hello... Anybody....?"
  • When I'm in bad/sad/negative moods I regret what I say- "Did I really post that yesterday?" *punch myself in the face*
  • I know low lives that don't even matter stalk and judge every word I say- "Did you see her blog? Who does she think she is? A fashion editor? Who would take her seriously? No one cares about your opinions. I'm a mean bully with nothing else to do." 
To those people I have one thing to say... okay maybe a couple things... I blog for me! I used to get upset and delete my posts because so and so told my exboyfriend so and so about this and that and-Whatever! People like that are the epitome of immature and at the age of 19 I cared what you thought. Guess what, now I don't. So creep away! 

I vow here and now, with my French bulldog Tartuffe as my witness, (Yes, his name is Tartuffe) I will stop breaking up with my blogs. I will stop caring what nosey people think. I will stop quitting on my ambitions and dreams. I have this blog for myself and at the end of the day if no one else reads it but my mother... that is okay.

And why mascaroline you ask? I sat around for hours trying to think of a clever title and it hit me..... Mascara.....line. 
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