Friday, December 20, 2013


I'm a little too old to be fangirling, but like I care right? I lived in Twilight land through most of high school, college, beauty school, and into my adult life.. living happily ever after with Edward Cullen in my head. Until I read Divergent and I just knew that my love for this book would be my new Twilight! Especially since Tris and I basically have the same tattoo... soul mates, It thought. How did I not find this sooner, I thought. Until Veronica Roth threw in the craziest plot twist of all and now I don't even know what to think. Do I think you should read this book series? I don't even know. If you want to stay up til 1 AM bawling then possibly. I love slash hate it so much that I can't decide. Here are some hilarious memes I couldn't not post! Obviously I will not post spoilers- Here you find out something crazy happens, but not what! (After reading this post if you think I'm insane thats fine)

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