Thursday, August 1, 2013

Micro Blog: Olivia Ragland Photography

Olivia Ragland is a friend of mine who is an amazing photographer! Her website is here! She has the most beautiful photographs of her little girl I could just die. Book her immediately for all your photography needs Knoxville area! She is seriously so great and the sweetest!

 The reason I took a little break since my last post is because this beautiful girl OFFERED to take pictures for me! I was so excited I immediately started planning my outfits... but real life kicked in, I am job searching and we had to cancel twice. I suck I know. Next week is the week and I can't wait to showcase her work on the blog! And also score some awesome fashionista shots to advertise with (for both of us)!

Also, I have a blog draft typed I will post later today!
Hint, it's about my fav fitness instructor. *wink*

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